Thursday, March 13, 2014

Round Robin

During this Winter of drastic extremes between a frigid snowy East and a warm drought-ridden West, Kansas has found itself hovering the dividing line, leaning mostly eastward towards snow and ice.

There are small signs of Spring on the horizon.  One indication is the now frequent appearance of American Robins.  It is not uncommon in the Springtime to see as many as thirty Robins visiting the yard at one time, feasting on remaining dried crabapple berries that are left on the trees or have fallen to the ground.

Very rarely do Robins eat from bird feeders. In fact since I have been feeding birds, I have never seen a Robin partake from any bird food offerings. However this year with the unpredictable snow and cold, I have been entertained and inspired by a few visits to my feeder.

Although I am partial to the BlueJay, the Robin feels like an old friend. They are such a familiar and favorite subject to paint.  And another reminder that Spring is eternal!


Glenda Hoagland said...

wonderful post… the painting

Jeannie said...

Our robins are reluctant to eat at the feeders, too. I put grapes out for them in the winter, which they love. But, seed? No thank you. Lovely painting! We have gone from low 20's to 70 in one week. Not only am I confused, the garden is too! Be well, my friend. xoxo

marsha said...

lovely painting of the robin.
I never realized they won't eat from feeders!