Monday, April 14, 2014

Reasons To Celebrate!

This week I have several exciting happenings to celebrate!  Not only am I commemorating another birthday, but I am also heralding the debut of my new gift line, Janie's Woods by Mudlark/Madison Park Group.

I am always proud of the retail products I lend my artworks to, but I am especially thrilled with this giftware, as each piece is of the highest quality.  It is also very special to me because the collection is named, as a tribute, after my late mother.

Sometime amidst sorrow and despair, there are glimmers of light and hope.  Mudlark/Madison Park Group gave me the opportunity to do what I do best, make art.  Instead of focusing on the pain and loss of a kind gentle soul, I am celebrating my mom through this collaboration with two really wonderful manufacturers. They have helped me to create a lasting dedication, bring attention to my mother's life and her battle with cancer.  Now, I have the opportunity to share with the world the essence of her radiant soul, which served as inspiration for these beautiful pieces.

The collection is truly incredible with such a wonderful selection of items. I have pictured only a few in this post.  I hope you will consider purchasing pieces as gifts for someone or for yourself.  They are sure to compliment any decor.  Look for the Janie's Woods collection in local retail shops, department stores, or purchase on-line.

My sincerest thanks goes to everyone involved in this project from Mudlark/Madison Park Group.  I have been blessed by your expertise, wisdom, and caring.  And thank you, dear reader... for your continued support of artists.  It is through you spreading the word to others and purchasing our treasures that we have reasons to celebrate!


Lynda said...

This so exciting…I'm looking at the online site as soon as I can get a few minutes to shop! LOL

Love that you are excited and feel energized. So, I'm celebrating in April, also. Married 38 years on 4/3 and my birthday is on the 26th….when is your b'day? See I knew we were "soul mates"!

Love your "Reasons to Celebrated"! <3
Lynda Mills - Houston, TX

Jeannie said...

What a beautiful way to memorialize your Mom. Congratulations on your new line of products. I can see that my gift giving has just gotten easier. Number 1 is to buy a bunch of the hare items for my Mom (Bunny) and #2 are the birds themes for Aunt and of course, myself. Early birthday wishes!!! xo

Helen Campbell said...

These are so lovely, Tracie! How exciting and what a wonderful tribute to your mother.
Happy Birthday!