Friday, November 11, 2011

Tutorial: A Christmas Cardinal Ornament

Welcome! It's day three of the ArtSpark Winter Tutorial
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Today, I am sharing instructions for creating a delightful
Christmas Cardinal Ornament to decorate your tree, a
package, or perhaps, give as a gift to someone special.

1. Cut a piece of 200 thread count bleached muslin
fabric approximate 2"x2". Using a color photocopy
of a Cardinal's head, trace the outline onto the fabric
with a mechanical pencil and a light box.

2. Following the basic painting steps in my Acrylic
Painting Tutorial
, break the Cardinal down into several
main colors and started by painting those large color
blocks using a dry brush technique.

In this example I had two colors: a medium red and black.

3. Once the paint is dry, layer other dark and light paint
colors to create the shadows and highlights using a
wash technique.

Allowing each wash to dry thoroughly, continue adding
more layers of paint until satisfied.

4. Cut one piece of decorative fabric as a background
approximately 3"x3". Cut two pieces of Steam-A-Seam2
the first approximately 2"x2" and the second approximately

5. Iron the 3"x3" decorative fabric to a second piece
of decorative fabric approximately 5"x5" sandwiching
the 3"x3" piece of Steam-A-Seam2 between the two.

Iron the 2"x2" painted Cardinal fabric to the 3"x3"
piece of decorative fabric sandwichings the 2"x2"
piece of Steam-A-Seam2 between the two.

6. Cut a third piece of decorative fabric approximately
5"x5". (I liked to use the same design as the 5"x5"
fabric used in step #5)

Placing right sides together, stitch the two pieces of
5"x5" fabric together remembering to sandwich a piece
of ribbon between the two layers as the ornaments
hanger. Also remember to leave a small opening for
turning the fabric.

7. Add batting or stuffing, then stitch the ornament
closed. Consider adding additional decorative stitching
around the edges to create more visual interest.

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Jane LaFazio said...


*jean* said...

how lovely!! and a great tutorial and kit too!! thank you!

lisa said...

I love the idea that you have a kit for sale with this-you are so creative trac-miss you!

Helen Campbell said...

What a darling ornament!

Cat said...

Your ornament is gorgeous--I adore cardinals and enjoy their company at my bird feeder practically all year long!! The kit is a great idea!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.

Denise Phillips said...

What a lovely project! And a great tutorial too! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Anything 'bird' related always gets my attention!
Well done!

Christine said...

What a beautiful creation. The tutorial is so easy to follow. Thank you

pupton said...

Lovely, indeed! A kit is a great idea!

Frieda Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing that was great.