Friday, December 16, 2011

Tutorial: Gift Tags

I love creating custom tags for my holiday gifts.
Using remnant wrapping paper adorned with
natural bits, you, too, can make the perfect
accessory for any present.

1. Start with plain Shipping Tags that can be
purchased from an Office Supply Store.

2. Glue the Shipping Tag to a remnant piece
of wrapping paper, cutting away any excess.

3. Gather various natural elements from
your outside surrounding.

Remember worn and weathered elements
are extremely beautiful and full of character!

4. Using aerosol hairspray lightly spritz the
gathered bits of nature and sprinkle with a
coating of fine iridescent glitter while wet.

5. Select coordinating ribbon or twine and
other decorative components like burlap
or buttons to use in the background.

6. Arrange and glue a glittery nature element
with various other decorative components to
each wrapping paper gift tag.

7. Attach beautifully decorated tags to presents.


Mollie Osgood said...

These are beautiful! Love all your holiday posts.

Jane LaFazio said...


Anonymous said...

So simple yet so effective, and so generous of you to share ideas with everyone, Tracie. My mind dashed off at a tangent, as it always does when I look at your delicious creations, Tracie. LoL xx