Friday, March 09, 2012

The Heart's Longings...

Being on the cusp of Spring, here in the Plains,
we experienced a sudden burst of cold and snow
overnight. It was really lovely to wake-up to a
world of white and that crisp chill in the air.
The absence of any real Winter had my heart
longing for just such a day. I felt it was truly
a gift bestowed by Mother Nature.

Although Winter has been somewhat lacking
here in the States, Europe has experienced a
very different season with record amounts of
snowfall. Even Rome, Italy had snow, which is
very unusual. With Orvieto being about an hour
and half train ride to the north, they received a
blanket of white that transformed the city.

Our wonderful guides, Bill and Kristin Steiner,
from Adventures In Italy shared an amazing
video of Orvieto in this state of Winter repose.
And I could not help but want to share that
same video with all of you...Here.

Seeing these images of beloved Orvieto, and
knowing I will be there once again this Autumn
had me quite starry-eyed in a rapture of day-
dreaming. Now in September, there won't be
any snow in sight, but I guarantee the weather
will be exquisite with mild temperatures, cool
breezes, and sunny days. Perfect conditions
for making art in a bright sun filled studio,
visiting a vineyard, shopping at the open
market, seeing the magnificent cathedral,
picnicking, and of course, taking a daily
walk up to the gelato shop for a double
scoop... Oops, I meant a single scoop! (ok...
it was really a triple scoop by the end
of the week, but that's our secret.)

Marylin, a.k.a. fabulous mother-in-law, and
I are so honored to be invited to teach again
in Orvieto in mid-September 2012. Going to
Italy was a dream we never thought possible.
Now to think of returning is beyond exciting!
We already have several students coming, and
are looking for just a few more to join us.

We are taking only a very, very small group, so
as to create an intimate atmosphere that is both
personal, and rewarding. And we truly want to
make sure each and every person gets as much
personal assistance and attention through every
step. Also students that might be a little timid
about flying overseas are welcome to travel with
us from the states to Orvieto.

So Make plans now to ensure you will be
part of this incredible adventure. We already
have several students signed-up, so don't wait!

Find out all the details...
Huskamp Italian Workshop


Pilgrim said...

The video is so beautiful. I am going on this trip and it will mean so much to me. The year 2012 is a year of thanksgiving for me and I am getting to do things I had to postpone in 2011. I am so blessed and thankful.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Glenda... Marylin and I are very blessed to have you joining us! We fully believe that the universe works in mysterious ways, bringing people together for a purpose. We are meant to be on this journey with one another and look forward to the days, the weeks, the months ahead celebrating friendship and life.