Sunday, May 11, 2014

One Last Gift From Mom

Every summer starting around the time I was eight years old until entering high school, my mother  would spend hours reading to my sister and I.

Even on hot days, the three of us would camp out under a shade tree in the backyard lounging on aluminum-style lawn chairs, as mom regaled the entire Little Women series by Louisa May Alcott.  I enjoyed these moments, listening to my mother's soothing voice, and daydreaming my way through the adventures of Jo March and her family.

I think of this fond childhood memory even more so now, since my mom passed away last year. Although not a mother myself, this Mother's Day I was lucky enough to receive a very special gift.

Over many months, my family has been sorting and passing along old photos, and miscellaneous treasured items belonging to mom.  Although I have received some cherished mementoes, there was still one thing I longed to have, that precious set of books read to me every summer.

But after searching high and low, several times, the books were no where to be found, and my father began to think mom had donated them long ago.  And as time wore on, I also began to lose hope, thinking my dad's hunch just might be right.

However just recently, my sister was cleaning the very back of a large closet, even though it was a space that had already been searched.  Through her persistence, she uncovered a box hidden by a mountain of old magazines. Inside the box were the very books thought to be lost forever.

My sister had planned to surprise me with a package in the mail, but could not keep her discovery a secret.  Call me crazy or superstitious, but I believe the timing serendipitous, perhaps to coincide with the Mother's Day holiday, or perhaps just a simple reminder of a mother's love and one last gift from mom.

* Photos Courtsey of Christa Nall


Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Yes, it was a gift from her to you, for sure! A lovely gift, the gifts keep coming-although we miss them in the flesh, they really are with us. xo

Anonymous said...

Absolutely that was a very special gift from your Mom to you. How sweet that your sister knew of your desire and was able to fulfill your wish! Sisters are special. You will cherish those books always…so precious and just knowing you are holding the same books which she held and read from will bring you such joy! <3

Ruth said...

What a lovely gift from your Mother! I adore the cover pattern on the Little Women book.

Hastypearl said...

So glad that you had those days together. THAT was the everlasting gift to whether you ever held the books again....BUT, you ARE holding them! I can see you with your happy for you! Laura

Unknown said...

The post makes me smile to think our loved ones reach out to us in mysterious and precious ways. I found your blog through Artful Blogging. I renewed my subscription and my free gift was issue 1. Congrats on the feature.