Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am a Collector.

And, I'm sure many of you could also classify yourselves as a "Collector" of something.

My collecting vice lies within the realm of vintage goods. Since I live in the Mid-West, I have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of flea markets and antique malls. Even in the tiniest towns, where there might only be a single gas station and local hardward store, you are still likely to find someone selling antiques.

Visiting a good flea market or antique store can be a rewarding treasure hunt. Although I may shop the same place at different times during the year, I am not always looking for the same objects. My treasure hunts revolve around the art I am creating at a particular moment, such as, searching for the perfect old photo to use as a background or an image transfer. Perhaps, I am working on a fiber artwork that needs that special touch of vintage lace or ric rac.

There are, however, a couple of treasures that I am always on the look out for, old photo albums and anything with handwritting. If you have read the profile section of my website, you will know that items with handwritting fascinate me. I am simply amazed that words on a page can have such beautiful textural qualities. And when I read those words, I can imagine who the writer was, and who those words were about or meant for.

But when I find a vintage photo album, I see something different. I feel as if I am looking through a window into another world. It's like holding a snowglobe and viewing a tiny scene, but without the snow. Often times when you find an old album, you are likely to find the entire thing void of any pictures. The reason for this being that most antique sellers know they can make a bigger profit by selling the album and the contents separately. However, I am not detered by blank pages, this is an opportunity for me to create my own scene.

The image you see below is just one of my vintage dioramas. A collaged scene fills the tiny 2" x 3" album page window. This landscape is highlighted with a piece of vintage lace to create a foreground. The background contains pieces of old sheet music, along with glittery stars woven into a sheer fabric to cast the feeling of an approaching twilight .

But WAIT! There is a surprise, if you turn this album page over, you will find a bit of poetry describing our scene. This particular verse reads,

"do you remember
when the evening sky
said goodbye to the sun

and welcomed
the stars, your dreams,
and thoughts of home"

Dearest reader, do you.... remember?

*(If you are interested in purchasing the above artwork,
you will find it for sale at The Red Door Studio Shop)


atelier455 said...

I also use vintage ephemera in my artwork, so I completely understand your love of it. I love coming across something interesting in an antiques store or flea market, and thinking of all the possibilities for what it could become.

Enjoying your blog so far - keep it up :)

Lori S-C said...

Love your blog!
BTW, how do you get the header on the top of your blog page? I've only been able to get words on mine....

edina said...

This is a lovely piece, Tracie Lyn!

Hanna said...

I agree with you so much, flea markets are specially fun when you are on the look for something special. I allways have a lots of items I know I will buy if I find them, mostley they will be for art projects too!