Saturday, July 22, 2006

You might have noticed....

by checking out my first blog post, seeing my blog banner, and browsing my website that I have an affinity for using houses in my art. Well, dear friends, it is more than an attraction to houses. I am truly INSPIRED by the subject of home!

During school, professors encouraged us to dig down DEEP, to find that one subject that moved our soul to make art. I think (secretly) they hoped we would channel all of our angst as young struggling artists into some dark foreboding masterpiece. Although I tried to dig deep, I always ended up painting pretty flower pictures. Please don't misunderstand, I still enjoy rendering beautiful botanicals, and have several works (both old and new) that I proudly hang on my walls. But flowers did not INSPIRE ME, at least not like the subject of home.

So when did I know that "Home" was this GREAT inspiration? Some of you might wonder if divine guidance occurred due to the planets and stars being in alignment, or perhaps I might have been hit by a stray lightning bolt. To which my reply would be "No"... to both of these guesses.

In fact, my first awareness did not come from some mystical cosmic force or a freak of nature. The first realization I ever had about this subject actually occurred during an evening in the Art Asylum at Artfest 2002. The small 5x5 collage you see at the top of this post is my very first house picture. This piece happened as a result of freeing my mind and allowing myself to just play.

It would be three more years of searching before the subject of home would surface again. Why did it take so long, you might ask? Well, I wish I had a very clear cut answer for this question. But, alas, my real answer is... "I don't know". If I had to make an educated guess, I would suspect I had never stopped long enough to realize that the subjects that TRULY inspire me are the things which are part of my everyday life. I am enlightened by the people, animals, places, events, and particular objects that bring me joy, strength, love, and happiness. Those are my true true reason for creating art!

***(For those that might not know, Artfest is a magnificent gathering of like minds and hearts, hosted by Teesha and Tracy Moore. I encourage you to check it out at


Colette said...

Welcome to blogland. I love your wee houses. I tend toward them too!

Cheers, Colette

edina said...

Hi Tracie Lyn! I found your lovely blog through Pam Garrison's. Thanks for adding me to your links - I will do the same. :)