Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just pour a cup of tea.

For me, having a cup tea is very soothing. Slowly sipping this hot beverage is a calming experience. It helps me put a fast pace world on hold, even if it lasts for only a brief moment.

I have not always been such an adamant tea drinker. Over three years ago, I had the pleasure of participating in the relaxing afternoon tradition of "High Tea" hosted by the Fairmont Empress Hotel in beautiful Victoria, Canada.

Since 1908, the Fairmont has upheld the high standards of the enjoyable ritual of "Afternoon Tea", and specializes in showcasing it in the traditional Victorian and Edwardian manner.

During our tea party, my friends and I were lavished with incredible finger foods: tiny sandwiches, fruit scones, biscuits, delectable jams, mouth-watering tea cakes, and elegant pastries. Of course we washed all these edibles down with the hotel's signature tea blend. Since this experience, I have been captivated by the practice of drinking tea.

So, dear friends, whatever the day has brought of care while seeking for a fuller life, share in such pleasures as these, and simply pour yourself a cup of tea.....


Sue Pieper said...

The thought of drinking tea has always intriqued me, when I hear people say how it relaxes them. The only time I've ever had tea was when I was young & had the flu, then we got tea & toast. Now I'm a coffee drinker, drinking it fast & furiously, and it certainly doesn't calm me down at all:) What would you reccomend to try? I'm clueless about Tea!

art spirit said...

Love that teapot! and your ArtFest posts! mary

liz elayne said...

this is beautiful! i love the teapot. i love the colors. all of it.
sitting down with a cup of tea is an important ritual for me as well.
we will have to share a pot together in march!

(thank you for your kind words on my blog...i greatly appreciate it)

Mary lin said...

Tracie, I love your blog!! I must say that since I bought the "special" sugar, creamer, and cups on my trip to Artfest 2006 I really enjoy taking a break at work to enjoy a wonderful brewed cup of tea!! No wonder I love you so much - you have introduced me to two things I cherish and enjoy - tea time and Artfest!!! Not to mention the happiness I see in you and my son's eyes when you are together!

Your mom-in-law