Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trying to Keep Busy...

First, I would like to THANK ALL of YOU for your thoughtful and comforting comments regarding our precious little dog. She was a shining example of unconditional love and loyalty. It was her delightful personality and sweet spirit that made her an absolute joy.

My sincerest wish is that this pain will soon subside leaving us remembering only the happy moments we spent with this beloved little dachshund.

In an attempt to keep from dwelling so much on the events of last week, I have been trying to stay busy by making art. I am, in fact, in the midst of preparing for an October show called "Art in the Park". This event is being held in Winfield Kansas, and I very excited about participating. Over the next several posts, I thought I might give you a peek at the pieces I have been creating.

The drawing at the top of this post is an illustration I plan to use on notecards to sell at the show. This image will be transferred onto multiple pieces of fabric and stitched to the outside of blank cards. A few of my other designs can be seen in the picture on the right.

Although the majority of my artwork focuses on the subject of Home, I enjoy using my illustrations, which cover a wide variety of subjects, to adorn the front of notecards. I especially love sending one of my fabric cards when corresponding with friends, family, and other artists. These particular images were inspired by a tiny soft stuffed toy I purchased at Artfest from L.K. Ludwig.

The benefit of selling cards is that they make a wonderful and inexpensive art print to offer customers. And even though I will be selling my cards individually, I thought I might bundle the three bird designs together as a group and place a few packages for sale on etsy.

thank you again, dear friends...for thinking of me during these difficult days.


Sue said...

It'll get better, really. We lost our greyhound in May, keeping busy afterwards did help. Yesterday our daughter was at an event where the greyound rescue group happened to be set up-good thing I didn't go, or we'd be a 3 dog family again! Someday I'll have another grey---just not quite yet.

Stacie Rife said...

I am terribly saddened by your loss. I know how it feels and we can never replace them. Although it is very painful, one thing that can never be taken away from us EVER.. is the memories we have FOREVER in our hearts!
Take care of yourself now..
Lots of HUGS,