Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Works

In my last post, I promised to share with you some of my recent artworks. This is a picture of one of the new pieces I will be showing at "Art in the Park" in Winfield, Kansas.

I am quite enamored with this particular work because it is a step out in a slightly different direction. It not only focuses on Home as the primary subject, but also highlights its surrounding landscape.

Several months ago, I became very inspired by the work of ceramic artist, Karen Newgard. Karen creates beautiful pottery using mostly nature inspired silhouettes. Her black silhouettes reminded me of vintage paper-cuts, like these pictures on the right.

Her natural subjects started me on a path of exploration regarding the areas outside of our house. These outdoor places and creatures also contribute to our feelings about Home.

Inside the mat opening, the artwork is primarily constructed with fabric elements. However, a real tree branch, a broken piece from a wooden ruler, and a black silhouetted song bird are located outside this opening add to the feeling of distance and depth. The inclusion of a bird figure is reminscent of their sweet melodies just outside our door. And, this piece of ruler asks the viewer to measure the treasures of their heart.

dear friends...I invite you to share details about your house and its surrounding landscape that make you feel at Home?


teresa said...

oh I love what you are showing us! You did a fantastic job!! Can't wait to see your artwork in person. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this piece Tracie! Thanks so much for sharing.