Friday, October 06, 2006

New Works...continued

If you have ever traveled by airplane, I am sure you have, at some time during the trip, taken a peek out the window. After seeing the earth below, the thought might have crossed your mind that the ground looks like a patchwork quilt. The image above is an aerial photograph of one such patchwork panorama.

During my last plane trip, I became entranced by the scenery outside my window. After several minutes, I started sketching some ideas in the little notebook I carry around with me. It was these illustrations that were the beginnings of a series of artwork.

From my lofty perspective, I made several oberservations. First, there was a simplicity to this picturesque view. Second, the colors were very soft even in the brightest sunlight. These two characteristic caused a feeling of calm to wash over me.

From the very beginning, I wanted this art to have the same calming effect I felt that day in the plane. And, my new works had to be devoid of an abundance of detail. Fabric was a perfect medium to create the texture I desired. I chose loosely woven vintage fibers to convey a sense of the earth's terrain. As the first art piece began to take shape, it also became very important to add a natural element as part of the work. Finally, in each picture a simple house shape became a focal element. The surrounding landscape draws us back to our feelings of Hearth and Home.

These pieces like the the artwork in the last post will all be for sale at Art In The Park in Winfield Kansas this coming Saturday. It is my first time participating in the event and I am excited, yet nervous.

I was recently reading Teresa McFayden's blog. Her words were so very interesting and inspirational. As she recalled the road she has traveled as an artist, a few comments at the end of her post seemed to express my exact feelings on the eve of my artshow. As an artist when you pour your heart and soul into your work you always wonder....."Will anyone see what I see?"

dear friends.... wish me luck!


Shari Beaubien said...

These are just lovely, Tracie! They evoke such a sweet, nostalgic feeling. And YES! They are calming. And I love the frames! Do you do your own framing? I have NO doubt you will be a smashing success at the show. Keep us updated... Hugs, Shari

deb said...

Love them!!