Monday, November 27, 2006

What does it mean to you?

Beginning on November 1st all the way through the middle of January, the sweet sounds of Christmas music can be heard throughout our home. I love listening to the old holiday classics, and I always seem to find a new collection of melodies from a favorite artist to add to my music library.

Normally, when I purchase a new Cd, I love to peruse the booklet enclosed inside the case that contains the musical lyrics, album credits and artwork. On the last page of the booklet for Jim Brickman's newest holiday Cd, there is a most eloquent message which starts out by asking readers what does Christmas mean to them.

After reading these words, I became quite captivated by this question.....WHAT DOES Christmas mean to me?

My answer, like almost anyone's answer, can hardly be summed up in one word, or even a single sentence. It is, in fact, a long and lengthy list of thoughts, and feelings that are celebrated amid the traditions I keep, some being new among the others that are old. I celebrate life by spending time reminiscing about happy memories interminged with discussing my plans and dreams for the future.

As we embark upon this magical season of renewed hope, faith and goodwill toward all men, I ask.. "What does Christmas mean to you?"

May your days be filled with those special moments that will make this joyous time of the year a meaningful and memorable experience.

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jenny holiday said...

My goodness!! I am just melting looking at this INCREDIBLE piece!! so so perfect!! In every way! My goodness!

I found you through Heather's blog, Where I just saw the gift you sent her! Truly fabulous!

I love your post today! If I were to tell you what Christmas is to me....I would have to explain my "number of Christmas trees philosophy".......In my world..Everyday truly is a when this time of year comes around I must kick it all up a notch!...A few years ago, I stopped to consider how short life truly was...and only saw it in Christmas trees...If we are lucky we may have 80 or so...some not as lucky and some more lucky! So I say to is another tree...What we do between trees is what life is all about!!

Well that is my take on all of it. Christmas is a reminder of all the sweet, lovely, magical things that we have in our lives!

Thanks bunches for sharing your world!!
Here's to lots and lots of trees and happiness in between
Happy Happy Holidays!!
xoxo Jenny