Monday, December 04, 2006

TAG... I'm IT!!?!??

OH MY... I have been TAGGED by my dear friend, Shari Beaubien! Shari has asked me to share with all of you, 6 WEIRD THINGS about myself.

Where to BEGIN...(giggle... giggle...giggle)

1. When family and friends come to visit, I normally serve all beverages in plastic cups. This, of course, saves on clean up time. HOWEVER, I am a TOTAL FANATIC about any empty cups lying around the house. My family gets SO UPSET with me because they will finish a drink and set their plastic cup somewhere to use again. But when they come back, the cup has disappeared into the trash.

2. I HAVE to make up my bed everyday. AND... certain pillows on our bed have certain pillowcases that go on them!

3. I INSIST on the shower being squeegeed to rid the walls and shower doors of any excess water. Then I spray Tilex brand shower spray to keep it clean and fresh.

4. I ALWAYS dry the kitchen sink with a paper towel after using the faucet.

5. I CAN'T STAND for the mail to sit on the kitchen counter. So I sort the mail into piles and put my husband's mail on his desk (which he hates because his desk is always a MESS, and he can never find anything).

6. And FINALLY... we have trained our dogs to sit at the door after they go outside to do their potty business. We wipe all their paws off before they can come back in the house.

OK... I KNOW.. I have a sickness... YES!!!! I AM A CLEAN FREAK!

NOW... I have to Tag six more people.... Marylin Huskamp, Syd McCutcheon, Mary Stanley, Janie P, Heather Simpson-Bluhm, and Lori Seavey-Christian.... YOU'RE IT!


Syd said...

I could not be your room mate. I would drive you crazy! I don't even own a shower squigee....

W.O.E mop detail

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny! I just tagged you for the same 6 "wierd" things. Let's just say you have fulfilled your obligation!

Shari Beaubien said...

Oh my gosh, we are twins! I squeegee, make my bed (with pillows), and wipe the toes of Mr. Bentley. Steve is a fanatic about the sink. The cup thing... you're on your own with that! Thanks for playing, sweetie! Hugs, Shari

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I personally like to use a Mr. Clean eraser in the shower. They work like a hot da**!

Of course, mine is an occasional activity, as I am, how shall I put this...more relaxed about the state of my shower.