Friday, December 22, 2006

for you...

We have all seen words such as "dream", "create", and "believe", etched into a piece of jewelry. These syllables entice us to embrace and have faith in these ideas that we tout so boldly around our neck and wrist.

Over a year ago, I purchased a small simple necklace from Ms. Nina Bagley that also had one of those single word proclamations, but this particular piece was different. This word did not ask for a response. It was instead... a definition... a name I could call myself... a title that might change the way someone looked at me, for those who bothered to stop and read the four letters. The word is "Poet".

Everytime I wear this dainty pendant, I feel empowered... I FEEL like a poet......

Often penning small bits of prose during brief moments, I suppose I would be considered somewhat of a closet poet. However, I could never bring myself to tell anyone what I was doing, or even begin to think of myself as a real writer. Poets are individuals that eloquently carry us away in a flurry of emotions... describing ever so gently... so tenderly each thought and every feeling.

And here I am... playing,.. pretending,... hoping.. that maybe...just maybe my meager verse might do the same. Never would I dream of whispering the phrase or shouting to the world.... "I AM A POET!".... until I purchased this small adornment with a tiny word on the front.

And so it I sit here at my computer, on the eve of Christmas...and the only gift I can think to give a weary world to honor this glorious occasion... is a little piece of myself... a little bit... of poetry.

'Tis christmas time
the christ child born,

repeat the noise
of sounding joys,

a chilly morn
a world of white,

all is calm
all is bright.

A winter sky
in shades of gray,

peace to you
upon this day,

the bells ring out
to humble hearts,

give thanks,
give praise,
and celebrate.


Shari Beaubien said...

Just beautiful, dear poet. I don't need to say another word. xo Shari

nina said...

we all love you, sweet poetess! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

there is no turning back now. your ARE a poet! thank you for such a special gift.

Frivolitea said...

Lovely. Merry Christmas.

Jill said...

Lovely! So lovely....Merry Christmas.

art spirit said...

thank you for the lovely Christmas Poem....You are a Poet, and now we Know it! love you, M..