Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Shimmery, Glittery, and Glistening

This has been a very special Christmas for me. I spent much of my free time from August through December designing and creating a series of winter ornaments and decorations. I found great pleasure throughout the season in sharing my treasures with friends both near and far.

I was also the very proud recipient of some INCREDIBLE ornaments that were made by a number of extremely talented artists. I thought I might share some of these shimmery, glittery, and glistening gifts with you.

The ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE houses in the image above were sent to me by the talented Ms. Jenny Everyday. Words CAN NOT BEGIN to express HOW Sweet, SWEET, S-W-E-E-T these ornaments are!

My husband asked if someone had sent me pastries when he saw the bubble gum pink cake box. As I began to carefully unwrap the ornaments inside this pretty package, a HUGE grin crept across my face, and I shouted with delight... "There are NO Pastries in here!!!! It is SOMETHING MUCH MUCH BETTER!!!!"

If you have not had a chance to peruse Jenny's site with all of her delectable treats, you are definitely missing a feast for the eyes. I FEEL COMPLETELY HONORED and BLESSED that I met Jenny and Aaron (the other half of this creative duo)!!!!

I have had visions of sugarplums and these holiday cottages in my dreams every night since their box arrived.

The Very....VERY BEAUTIFUL dove in the photo on the left was a most thoughtful and heartfelt gift from Delsie Chambon. Delsie was my Secret Santa in the Silver Bella Ornament Exchange. I was SO THRILLED and EXCITED when I opened my exchange package to find the most DELICATE and EXQUISITE bird!!!!

My darling dove came nestled in a elegant oval box that Delsie had decorated with vintage papers and soft felt material. And, you should SEE the gorgeous ephemera that adorns this oh.. so.. lovely ornament!

I feel like the luckiest girl to have had Delsie as my Secret Santa... in fact, a little bird told me that she was the OUTSTANDING designer of A Song in My Heart Desk Calendar. Maybe her work on the calendar inspired her Silver Bella ornament?

And lastly, a few jeweled surprises I received from Melissa McCobb Hubble's Winter Solstice Exchange. This swap was so much fun, and the ornaments I received in return were OUT of this WORLD!

I want to thank everyone for these cherished gifts. I look forward to decorating my tree year after year remembering fondly the friendships I have made and the treasures that were exchanged during Christmas 2006.


Frivolitea said...

What absolutely wonderful gifts those are. Thanks for sharing. It is such fun to see hand made goodies.

teresa said...

Oh the beautiful bon bons!!! WOW!! so fun to see! Delsie's nest is amaz-ing. You are a lucky girl!!

liz elayne said...

so beautiful! i love all of these...

happy holidays to you my dear!

sabrina (bree) said...

oh wow,i just came across your blog,and i see that you recieved one of my acorn ornaments! did you like the teeny sterling charm inside?

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...


pieces. It was SOOoooo Cool... HOW did you clean out the middle of the
Did you get one of mine? It was a heavy glass tear drop with a snow
scene picture placed on the back.

jenny holiday said...

ohhh! Thank you so so much Tracie!! We are just so so honored to have been able to swap with you! Your work is just too too fabulous!! We are so thrilled to know that our little house ornaments were a part of your holiday! :)

my goodness....I am just in LOOOOOVE with your nest and box from Delsie!! Ohhh it is to die for!! my goodness!! The color palette is Perfect!! Does Delsie have an Etsy shop or blog? Oh my goodness you lucky duck! Sooo fabb!!

And your Solstice ornaments are just sooo lovely!!

Thank you so much for the eye candy!!

Wishing you the happiest, most creative, and inspired New Year ever!!

xoxo Jenny
ps Aaron says Hello!