Tuesday, May 22, 2007

betcha CAN'T GUESS!

Yes...that's RIGHT!...gray skies and raining

AND WHAT IS THIS... OH NO.. say it isn't SO!!!

Not only clouds for today, but rain forecasted for the rest of the week and possibly the Memorial Day weekend.... *sigh*

So... I did the ONLY THING a GIRL could do!

Buy some nice BIG YELLOW Sunflowers to keep her spirits bright.

Happy Tuesday!


Dawn said...

Too bad we can't have our weather meet in the middle somewhere...Today it's not TOO bad...supposed to be 93, which for us is below average...but by week's end it's supposed to be 100-102. HOT and very sunny! Anything for me over 95 is ghastly....Guess I'll start hibernating...

Runner Gurl said...

It sounds like cRoCk-PoT and knitting weather, Tracie! That's a happy thing!! Run outside barefoot, gurlfried! ENJOY!
; )


Sue B said...

Just found your blog - your work is terrific!

sue said...

Send some of that rain this way, it's sooooo dry, we really need it! Glad you got some sunflowers, we all need those somedays:)