Thursday, May 24, 2007

here I stand...

I live on the edge of a small city among the urban sprawl. My street sits next to a large farm with cows roaming around the pasture. It is peaceful, and serene with a somewhat rural feel about the neighborhood. Even though, I am less than five minutes away from any type of shopping you might desire.

Living next to these grassy fields, I have many opportunities to enjoy the bounties of nature.

Over this past weekend, I was taking a break from a day of household chores to enjoy the gorgeous weather outside. I had just sat down when a pair of the lovely barn swallows came to entertain me with their beautiful dance. It was enchanting to witness their graceful movements and rhythmic flight.

And I wished I could join them.
if only I were taller
I could reach you

but here I stand... heavy,
and bound to this fragile self

if only you would see me
as a tender heart surrendered

but here I stand... humbled
amidst your faultless virtues

if only I could give you
a round existence, worn remembrance

but here I stand... longing
for more songs and stories

if only you were nearer
these hands would love, keep you

but here I stand... lingering
as you cross one life's earnest path


Rax said...

this is beautiful and touching

Becca said...

Such a beautiful expression of longing in this poem, and the rhythm seems to reflect the gentle motion of their flight.

Lovely :)

paris parfait said...

Ah, you've written an ode with which most of us can identify - who hasn't wanted to take flight, fly like a bird - or hear a bird's tales of flight and adventure? Lovely poem.

Tammy said...

Very beautiful poem! "Bound to this fragile self" touched me.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, "one life's earnest path..."- that takes my breath away... just beautiful.

Clare said...

This is really lovely. And I really like the line "If only I could give you/a round existence, worn remembrance". So tender.

nina said...

absolutely beautiful, and enchanting, just like you! xo

Neil said...

Beautiful. I think it is universal to want to fly like a bird on some days.

chicklegirl said...

This expresses so beautifully an aching combination of love and feeling inadequate.

Shari Beaubien said...

Your work always whisks me away to another place and time, Tracie Lyn! Happy Memorial Day to you, too! Hugs, Shari