Thursday, July 19, 2007


holding tender moments of a fading memory,
and wondering if you will ever return
or at least remember, where it all began

there were no goodbyes
for you were anxious, and ready
to be part of a bigger world

my heart aches, longing for a second chance
casting a tearful gaze toward the heavens
and wishing we could start again

all the while knowing, this was your true beginning


Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely post, what wonderful photos!

gautami tripathy said...

Fresh start is what we always wish for. Sometimes it happens too..

Lisa said...

Even when we know things are coming it doesn't really prepare us does it? Don't worry, children usually have a way of returning (usually with laundry)....your poem is sweet and poignant - I liked it very much.

Mary lin said...

Beautiful!!! Many years (40 to be exact) Earl and I lived away from the family in another state and witnessed this same miracle. We spent many hours watching the young robins learn to fly - what a treat it was!! Loved the sweet baby faces and the speckled breasts! Your poem brought back memories of the warm yet sad feeling of watching them fly away!! You have truly witnessed God's miracle of nature's gifts to us to enjoy!


tumblewords said...

How nice that you had the close-up of the bird babes. They'll come back next year, perhaps. Kinda like kids. Good poem and photos!

Alma Stoller said...


Oh how sweet. what great pictures of the birds.


Tricia Scott said...

the image of the empty nest made me immediately tear up. it seems the days just fly by too quickly.
my daughter is 7 but it seems like just yesterday she was born---i am getting off this computer right now and suggesting an early cuddle and story!
thank you.

red tin heart said...

That is so neat! I love birds ,and those are some amazing photos. Wonderful. Nita