Monday, July 16, 2007

A Miracle at My Doorstep.

We’re told that miracles are all around us, but at times, I must admit it is hard to see them. So often, it is the ordinary or what we consider, the mundane, which holds a plethora of incredible happenings. Yet, we turn a blind eye; too busy rushing around with our busy lives to really take a good look at our familiar surroundings.

However, there are occasions when life presents us with enlightened moments, we stop to take notice, and are reminded that in noticing the little things, our lives are richer and more fulfilled.

Currently, there is a miracle, (well... actually three), that is taking place right at my doorstep.

Last fall my husband and I planted the most beautiful Lace-Elm tree right in the middle of the front yard. It was very majestic with the tallest limb reaching almost 25 feet.

Our weather has been very erratic over the last nine months. All of this has caused us to wonder if our trees and plants were going to survive the mountains of snow, unexpected freezes, and heavy downpours. Our yard has definitely been affected in some ways because of these changing climate conditions.

My darling husband has diligently tended to our poor plants, carefully pruning after every weather shake down, in an effort to keep the healthy parts of our outdoors thriving. However, when he had to trim at least one-third of the branches from our tree in the front yard, I just cried.

Even our beautiful Lace-Elm, that had already started to bud with a multitude of soft green leaves, could not endure the harsh conditions of an unexpected heavy frost in late April.

But little did I know that this severe tree trimming would later allow me to witness a pair of Robins, who constructed a nest that was nestled right at the base of our Lace-Elm in order to raise their babies. Their little abode was within full view.

I have immensely enjoyed the company of this Robin couple, chirping away as they gathered the remains from the barren harvested wheat fields, borrowing little findings from our grapevine wreath decorated with silk flowers hanging on the front door, and gathering other odds and ends from the surrounding landscape.

We never even noticed all of this was taking place right in front of our eyes until one day my husband was mowing near their nest and our visitors let him know he was a little too close.

Over the weeks, our Robin friends have allowed us a few peeks at their impending family. We, like the happy birds, have also felt a little like expectant parent, watching every day for three miracles

Nowadays, Momma and Daddy Robin are furiously foraging for food. The fledglings are growing quite big and every once in a while hubby and I are still able to get close enough to have a look at their progress.

I know they will be leaving soon, and I am a little sad about this fact. But I also know my heart is completely filled with joy and delight when I think of the moments I've spent watching three little miracles at my doorstep.


Maija said...

OMG, Tracie!!! Those are the MOST AMAZING photos!!!! I love the one with Mommy and babies and a little ladybug on a leaf for color. I got a shiver looking at this beautiful nature story!

Maija said...

AAnd, you will have a lovely nest to make a little shrine with!

Lee W. said...

now and then it's so important to stop and smell the roses, and look at the birds! hahaha ;-) We have 2 bluebirds boxes that we love to peek in. I hope that someday the boys take the nature lessons with them. I wish we had a nest like that to watch- love the photos!!

Mary lin said...

What cute triplets!! The pics are really quite amazing!!!


liz elayne said...

those photos are amazing! wow! these little darlings are indeed a miracle.

Runner Gurl said...

Oh my goodness... Those pictures make me want to go make french toast for my sleeping children.

Too, too sweet.Thank you for sharing them.


dogfaeriex5 said...

omg! what a sobbing mess i am, thank~you for sharing this sweet to you both..

annie said...

those photos are wonderful, tracie. what a sweet little miracle you have been able to witness. your words are so dear, too! i love to read your thoughts coming across these electronic pages! you are a treasure. can't wait to get together. xo!

Diane Duda said...

You did such a good job capturing this miracle. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

art spirit said...

What a gift! Both the robins and YOU for sharing their story and the lovely photos! I love the blue robin's eggs...

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SweetAnnee said...

wonderful, wonderful and lucky you to be able to see!!
and Lucky US that you're sharing!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

These photos are so precious. I love the little beaks pushed high up and open...ready for mom and dad to come along. So darn cute. How I miss the song of the Robin. I remember anxiously awaiting the first sighting in the Spring. There are no Robins in Arizona....sadly.

Best ~ Rella