Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sundry Things

The trees here in Kansas have slowly begun shedding their leafy attire. I love watching leaves fall ever so gently toward the ground... drifting along the breeze, twisting, turning, cascading downward, and finally making a soft landing.

One of my favorite Autumn sights is seeing a street that is frosted, like a cake, with the spendor and beauty of colorful foliage.

Watching them FLY up into the air as I go zooming by in my car... tossing each bright leaf back into the sky, creating a somewhat snowglobe-esque scene in my rear view mirror, always makes me smile.

The days of September have come and gone in the blink of an eye. HOW does time pass so quickly? It seems as if I have been rushing through the moments at breakneck speeds trying to be prepared for the upcoming month.

And yes... spending or should I say stealing precious minutes, which are never as many as I would like, soaking up the essence of this Midwest fall.

There is a lot going on in October! As I have eluded to in previous posts, I will be traveling extensively over the next five weeks. I am excited to be off on this BIG adventure to cities and even states I have never seen, and also returning to a familiar place that is like a haven for me.

Everywhere I go, will put me close to the ocean, which is an idea I truly relish. I am very much a heart who hears the siren call of the sea.

I often wonder why I am so drawn to the water... couldn't be because most of my days are spent smack-dab in the middle of the country with no ocean in site for what seems like a million miles... could it?

This will be my first opportunity to enjoy being on the coast during an Autumn season.

I will also be enjoying the company of many friends that I normally only have the opportunity to see once a year or converse with via email. Now, some of them, I will have the chance to visit with, possibly even twice in the span of only a couple of weeks. Plus, I am so thrilled to be meeting new people and forming new friendships.

Amid the various packing and class preparations for my journeys, I have been carefully pouring lots of creative and artistic effort into some very special treasures that I had to share with you.

Inspired by a recent zine swap I participated in, hosted by Alma Stoller, I have printed copies of my petite 4"x6" book filled with bird artworks and poetry.

I am SO PLEASED with the results! Each book has eleven original poems and accompanying artwork printed in full color on bright-white heavy linen paper. The outside brown craft paper cover is hand painted with gold leafing to accent the book title and tied with a vintage ribbon. A small charm is attached as a modest invitation to the reader. For now, I have only a few copies listed on etsy ( I would like to THANK those who purchased a copy of "Small Glimpses"! Currently, I am sold out, but will have additional books available on or before October 25th, so please keep checking back).

My next treasures are a small collection of hand painted fiber pendants. I am VERY EXCITED about these necklaces, so lovingly created and decorated with the most exquisite beads and pearls, even old pieces of vintage jewelry, inspired by my love of nature, and my 2007 weekly fiber journal artworks.

I am having such a hard time chosing my favorite!

This Tuesday, I will be flying off to Art and Soul, having the opportunity to be lost among the heavens for a few brief hours. Keeping company with my thoughts, star gazing, and daydreaming along the way.


Runner Gurl said...

Have a beautiful and safe trip, Tracie!!
: )

Maija said...

I can't believe I missed the book with your watercolors and poems! I can't wait 'til you make more!!!
Have so much fun at Art & Soul. I know you and Marylin will be amoung many friends!

Shari Beaubien said...

I feel so extremely lucky to be on the verge of seeing these in person! Hugs to you, Shari

Lee W. said...

OMG- love those necklaces!!!!

connie govea stuart said...

my fav is Earnest Life...
I love this!!!
Such an original thing too,
the best part!!
love your work! :)

Diane Duda said...

The books and pendants all look wonderful!
Hope your trip is wonderful as well.


Judy said...

Have a lovely trip. Your work here is super.

Kim Kwan said...

beautiful post...i hope you have wonderful and safe adventures...and look forward to seeign you again in just over a month! :-)

I am also drawn to the ocean and am thrilled to be with my feet in the sand one week from now! I KNOW there is salt-water coursing thru my veins!

Ulla said...

These are beautiful!

Heather said...

I am REALLY behind in my blogs but man.. I am glad you are reprinting the little zine because I NEED ONE! Where will you be offering your birdie pendants?? On Etsy? I need one of them too I think.