Monday, December 03, 2007

From the Bottom of my HEART...

Thank You... THANK YOU!

I have enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of hosting this GRAND OPEN HOUSE!

These last two weeks have been filled with SUCH JOY for me... packing boxes of special gifts and decorations to brighten your holidays. I have received the most INCREDIBLE and HEART-WARMING comments and messages, not only from friends that have purchased treasures from me this year, but also from years past.

Since the first day, I have worn a grin on my face that spans from ear to ear. The only thing that would have made these moments any better would have been to have you all gathered here in my home, where I could share a cup or two of Christmas tea, and a plate of iced sugar cookies in festive shapes with bright colored sprinkles. And of course, I would have been able to give everyone a BIG hug to show my sincere appreciation for visiting this blog of mine and my little shop.

Although, the holiday ornaments are no longer available, there are still copies of my little book of poetry and art, Small Glimpses, that will continue to be for sale. These make wonderful gifts for friends and come wrapped and ready for giving.

So, without further adieu... I would like to announce the winners of my Vintage JOY Garlands Giveaway. The two lovely recipients are Cindy (Rella) Gauthier and Erin Kayler. I will be mailing your treasures to you by Tuesday, December 4th.

And I invite you to come back and see The Red Door Studio Etsy Shop starting in January. I will be offering some NEW items that I know you will LOVE!

I look forward to sharing more poetry and artwork from my 2007 Fiber Journal over the next several weeks. I have also been working on the details of an EXCITING NEW project for 2008 that I can wait to tell you about, so be sure to continue stopping by to visit.

Happy Christmas to one to ALL!

"It's JOY-in-the-air time, love-everywhere TIME...good-FUN-TO-SHARE time... it's CHRISTMAS time...twinkling LIGHTS, FESTIVE sights, presents, TREES, Life's Cares Decrease, HOLD Hope, Feel PEACE, Wishing you happy, happy MEMORIES!"

-Hallmark Cards


Maija said...

I'll be at your shop in January- yippee! I can't wait!

Eileen said...

So enjoying your blog. New to blogging myself - so much easier than a website. I look forward to your Etsy shop!

Shari Beaubien said...

I'm so very happy to read that your open house on Etsy was such a success, Tracie! But then I never doubted for a minute that it would be. :) Hugs, Shari

MezzoKat said...

Lyn, my order arrived today, along with your surprise treats. In fact, it was more like receiving a gift than an order!
I'm so pleased with everything and shall be back in January for sure.
I blogged about your art with pictures on Musings+
Merry, Merry Christmas!

Claire said...

i so can't wait to get my little poetry book - it's a little gift to myself for under the tree :o)
and i will indeed be visiting your etsy shop in jan!!
pre-xmas blessings, xxx

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Oh Tracie!! I received the stunning 'joy' banner and I am just speechless! The sweetness of it and the sparkle of the letters.....the ribbon to hang it. It is just about the lovliest thing I've ever seen and I can't believe it's mine.....and that my name was drawn. You are a most generous soul and I am so very, very grateful. I will think of you every day when I come upon it in my little nest.
xoxo Rella

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love my things i bought at the open house!! lucky faerie rella...
love you sweet girl

Joyce said...

I can't believe I missed the whole thing!!! Congratulations on your success. I'll look forward to visiting your shop in January. I hope to visit with YOU before then!! :)

Blessings! Joyce