Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sharing a Journey

The last half of this year has been a whirlwind of activity. I have been living life, at times, quite fast and furiously.

These have been INCREDIBLE experiences and GREAT opportunities of being in the moment, soaking up everything possible the day has had to offer.

Traveling far and wide has, unfortunately, left me sporadic time to share with you, dear friends, my treasured artworks from this quest or journey I had set forth for myself way back in January.

I find it so hard to believe this many months have passed, as I can vividly remember rambling around in my studio on cold, snowy, gray sky days at the beginning of the year... feeling, much like I do after the holidays, a little sad that the festivities had passed.

I was searching for inspiration and an outlet... a mere fancy to pour this overflowing ebb of creative energy into.... anything... where I could express all these deep feelings of longing, wishes, hopes, dreams... aspirations that were bottled up inside and which were, in fact, nearing a point where they might just come bursting forth in some sort of tangled mish-mash.

I was looking for an excuse, ANY excuse to make art.... that was meaningful.... that was beautiful... that would continually remind me of the precious minutes of my days.

And so it was, that I started on an adventure of a fiber journal, not knowing or even suspecting that this journey would lead me down a path that would forever change me. Never dreaming that I would be sharing these creative outbursts, so to speak, with anyone.

But, alas, here we are... coming to end of 2007, and I find myself wanting to take your hand in mine, to show you what you might have missed from my wondrous year of art and poetry. Inviting you to revisit cherished moments with me.
" these moments become memories
tossed about in the blowing breeze,
fading in the sun drenched day
like garments left on the line.

moments that are left to ripen
until they have collected
all the sweet smells of summer,
so we may carefully tuck them away."


Lee W. said...

It's been a wonderful year, sharing your journey. I always find your pieces to be so inspiring. Love the piece you posted- your birds and houses are always so lovely! Merry Christmas!

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

Tracie, this is just beautiful! Wishing you the best Christmas season!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

I have no doubt what-so-ever that the coming year will hold even more magic for you.
xo RElla

dogfaeriex5 said...

you know my year will always be more memorable meeting you, mr earl and shari at valley ridge, julie & i so treasure that lost weekend forever...tell earl , i am still waiting on my starbucks....hehe

sue said...

That's beautiful, Tracie!

flory said...

I have missed so very much, all year long not knowing you and that saddens my heart. I will journey back with you using your blog, I am sure I will enjoy every moment. I am so joyful having found you, and by the way Peggy Peanut also, I find myself reading the poems I just received over and over, you do have my favorite bird, the Bluejay,I call Frederick from long ago....Well here I go on my journey..come along...we will hold hands and skip

Leslie said...

What a kind, sharing, sweet soul you are! I have been inspired by your blog, your work and your words for some time, but it was meeting you at Silver Bella that cinched the deal. I am smitten. You are a dear. And so I am convinced. See you at Art and Soul.

Diane Duda said...

Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!


Kathy said...

What a precious moment it was to find Red Door Studio and your beautiful work. The Meadowlark sits at the top of my little bird tree, singing praises. Thank you for speaking from the heart and inspiring me.

Cindy (Junque Art) said...

Tracie, I so love your work and you know that! Can't wait to see what you do in 2008! Happy Holidays! Big Hugs from Texas!

Kim McCabe said...

I love this piece! The colors and subject matter are beautiful :) Your work is very inspiring to my own, thanks so much for sharing!

Kim McCabe
Curiouser & Curiouser Designs