Thursday, January 10, 2008

Winter to Spring, a beginning

The crisp Winter landscape offers so much inspiration. In my own front yard, gorgeous dark green hollies with their contrasting bright red berries burst forth just begging to be noticed against the muted colors of the other foliage.

Even with the cold temperatures and abundant snowfall over the last several weeks, a small flock of swallows decorate the sky every afternoon. I have enjoyed watching them glide upon the updrafts, catching the breezes of a gusting north wind. They speak to one another in the most harmonious tones that fill the air with delightful sounds.

Across the road is a hedgerow that borders a now harvested crop field. The trees along this edge are tall and majestic with age. I love staring at the bare limbs in winter. Each branch twisting, curling, and intertwined among the others, a reminder of how our days intertwine and cross the paths of so many.

"These first days with new moments are our January
leaving behind the weary memories of what was.

There is a quiet repose, a stillness to this landscape
as the heart beholds a threshold of earnest hours ahead."


Maija said...

You make the gray of winter sound so lovely!

Denise S. said...

Wonderful words to share and my landscape sure looks like yours!

Cre8Tiva said...

love the pages...glad i live in florida...blessings today, rebecca

margie said...

i saw your beautiful little peace card in quilting arts mag, had to tell you l love it. i also have edith holdens book how amazing is it.. you may be having a gray winter we in australia are having a humid tropical season with rain falls amongst the heat. how amazing that we can communicate on these blogs live so far accross the globe, read the same books i always stand amazed.. happy day margie