Friday, February 29, 2008

Busy in the Studio

Spring Fever has begun to sink in and take hold of me. There is so much to be done in the garden, yet the chill keeps me from wandering outside for any great length of time. So here I am, longing for warmer days when I can bask in the sun, wearing my favorite straw hat wrapped with a purple sherbert colored scarf around the brim, and bejeweled by a vintage pin on the front.

Although the weather is not cooperating, I keep busy by creating, painting, and making new art. My latest works show signs of my restlessness for the return of leafy green on the trees, songs wafting upon the breeze from little birds building their nests, along with various other small creatures scampering about, experiencing the newness of the landscape before them.

I did see a tiny chickadee on Wednesday, perched on the Christmas wreath still decorating the front door. He was pulling and tugging at a bit of raffia tied to the top. Unfortunately, I was off to lunch with a friend and did not have time nor camera to catch a picture of him... maybe next time. I will have to keep watch.

AND.. yesterday... there was a whole gang of robins, at least six or seven, gathered on the front porch picking berries left on the tree near the house...VERY EXCITING... INDEED.

I have been reorganizing my desk and the bulletin board in front of my computer with Spring time inspirations. Another sign that I am ready to leave Winter behind.

And it is time, for now, to set aside my beloved Winter Season Journal. When I started this new adventure I decided to add December's pages into Winter's book. So until then, I say goodbye to the familiar, and start fresh with the Spring Journal.

Although the journal will be reintroduced at the end of the year, I want to share a couple of pages with you before I tuck it away. However, I am putting the finishing touches on them. So, I promise to post pictures early next week.

There are also a few new originals in the shop for the beginning of March. These pieces hold tight to the lingering whispers of days to come, bright and sunny moments filled with renewed heart... renewed spirit.

And, returning to the shop are additional copies of several Fine Art Prints that sold in February.

Next week, I am off to the west coast to teach a private class for some INCREDIBLE ladies I met at Art and Soul last year. They promise to turn my visit into one big slumber party. I have my sock monkey PJ's and house slippers packed! It should be lots of FUN.

Definitely, a delightful way to extricate the thicket of Winter by surrounding myself with the light of friendship. Don't you think!


Lee W. said...

Love the lace and nest piece! My bluebirds have been back for about 2 weeks already! And the bluebirds and chickadees are competing for one of the nest boxes. I don't think I've seen robins yet. The buzzards are here year round. They drop huge black feathers that the kids fight over! My tulips and hyacinths are peeking out of the ground.. COME ON SPRING!

Judy said...

Love the piece -all the layers are superb.

Ro Bruhn said...

I've just done a tour of some of your earlier posts, your artwork is delightful. I love the way you frame your images with the black filigree type borders.
Do you have a book available on your fused fabrics? I'd love to learn but being on the other side of the world it's a bit far for one of your classes.