Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I feel QUITE lighthearted and happy when I think about the idea of travel. I truly enjoyed visiting different parts of the country last year, and dream about more upcoming adventures in the months ahead.

Although I love home, I also like seeing both the East and West Coasts because they are so different than the Plains of the Midwest. I am especially excited to be going east this year, making one trip to Virginia and the second to North Carolina.

Have you ever been to North Carolina? Unfortunately, I have only had two short whirlwind opportunities to drink in all the beauty of this region. However, I am excited to say that I will be returning, this time to visit an establishment nestled among the western mountains of this fair state. A place I have only had the chance to read about up to now.

I am so very honored to be coming to Random Arts in Historic Saluda this summer. Not only will I have the chance to see an incredible art store and meet it's endearing owner, Jane Powell, but I will also be having an art show and hosting two workshops during my visit.

The fun begins on Friday night, July 18th, Jane has kindly offered to have a showing of my latest fiber artworks at the store. I promise to have lovely treasures on hand, and will be bringing both Original Works, as well as Fine Art Prints to purchase.

Then on Saturday, July 19th, I will be teaching Painted Nature Fabrics. It is a workshop based on my journal art and feature article seen in the July '07 issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. I can't wait to share the techniques I use to create these pieces!

And on Sunday, July 20th, workshop attendees will be making good use of all those snippets, bits, and/or scraps that we just can't bare to throw away but because they are too small to use. Turning our trash into a treasure by creating a fun and functional 3D Fiber Abode to hold some of our favorite photos.

Signups have started for both workshops, I just can't wait to meet everyone, so I hope you can join me at Random Arts for a weekend of FABULOUS, FUNFILLED moments!!!!!

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