Monday, February 11, 2008

A Flurry of Hearts...

I have long loved the tradition of Valentines. Some of my fondest memories from grade school came from celebrating this holiday. Moments filled with red and pink construction paper, Elmer’s glue, scissors, and white (or brown) paper lunch sacks decorated with hearts, dollies... X's and O's.

I adore giving and getting Valentine cards. I remember as a child lingering in the holiday aisle at the store, agonizing over which box of cards to buy. Then when I finally made my decision, I wanted my mother to rush me home, so I could fill each and everyone of them out, immediately.

I could hardly wait until the Valentine class party, so I could drop a heartfelt sentiment into every mail sack that was neatly taped to the chalk tray of the blackboard at the front of the room.

I loved taking my stuffed paper sack and sorting through the various cards from my classmates.

I was even surprised once in the second grade with a small box of conversation hearts and on the back was a small metal ring taped to it. This, from a boy that I was quite smitten with, and oh, how my heart leaped to know he was smitten with me too. This had to be true love, or so I thought. I wore that little ring forever, despite the fact, it always turned my finger green.

Alas, my adoration for this romantic holiday continues even today. I enjoy pondering and planning just how to best surprise the Valentine recipients in my life.
Like, constructing pocket bouquets for a couple of dear friends. Ladies with which I have a long standing traditional of sharing lunch and celebrating each holiday among ourselves with little gifts.

These pocket creations were inspired by some very lovely floral arrangements in the current issue of Victoria magazine. They were quiet easy and fun to make, so I even whipped up one for myself.

And I have several wonderful surprises for my sweetheart, like this incredible LOVE pillow I found. I just can't wait to use it over and over again.... leaving him poems and little notes that profess my affections tucked into the pocket .

I also purchased tickets to a Saxophone concert on the evening of 14th called "A Night of Romantic Sax". Such a charming name for the concert. The event is sponsored by a local college, and the performing musicians are trying to raise funds for a trip, so it is a bonus all the money will go to a good cause.

Finally, in honor of Valentines, I am offering only 9 copies of this Limited Edition Fine Art Print until March 15th. It is one of my favorite artworks from my 2007 fiber journal, and captures the spirit of romance so perfectly.

Each one is printed on glossy finish, professional grade paper using fade-resistant, archival inks. This special artwork comes surrounded by a 10" x 10" white double matte, signed, numbered, and sealed in a clear protective sleeve accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

A wonderful ode to love and nature, ready to inspire any heart!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Diane Duda said...

I love everything I see here!

Hope you have the most wonderful Valentine's DAy!


margie said...

hi i just love reading about your love of valentines day it isn't a big day here in australia the younger folk are getting into it and i am encouraging my sons to tell there wifes and girl friends how special they are. love your pillow would like one myself happy days margie