Thursday, February 07, 2008

Winter to Spring, winter's keeping

"this low light at end of day
the brilliant sky in fiery hues of gray
a cresent moon sings us to sleep
under the blanket of winter's keeping
mere reflections of noble simplicity
just a remembrance of life's sweet majesty"


rebecca sower said...

oh thank you for sharing...words so beautiful. Tracy, did we meet in Omaha in November? Or am i thinking of someone else (and feeling silly). Love your site.

Holly Loves Art said...

Beautiful words and beautiful Winter birdy piece. I love how you have incorporated the tulle. It's so fun to work with, isn't it? It adds such a soft, romantic feel.

I hope you're well.



Lee W. said...

love your thoughts- that's how I'm feeling about winter just about now. The bluejays are bright spots on the lawn, at least.

Alma Stoller said...

As always Tracie, your work and words always bring a smile to my face.
It is so very nice to be back online.
Looking forward to seeing you again.