Monday, April 14, 2008

The Sea's Siren Call

Why... why does the sea have such power over me?

It captures my hearts and holds me mesmerized.

I am a willing prisoner to its siren call.

When I am near the ocean, I feel at peace. And when I am away, I dream of the moments I spent at the threshold of its magnificent beauty.

My husband and I just returned from visiting the Pacific Northwest. He has never seen this part of the country, which made the trip extra special for me because I had the opportunity to share my love for this region with him. The weather was incredible during our stay. I loved gazing out onto the water to see the sun peeking up over the horizon every morning.
"I will remember each moment with you as a precious gem, a pearl,
washed upon the beach of my memories for all eternity."


liz elayne lamoreux said...

loving your words and this photo! how i wish you would one day call this place you love home as living near you would bring such brightness to my world. :)

i hope you had a wonderful time away showing your husband this part of the world...

blessings to you beautiful girl...

Kim said...

I too love the sea, and am equally pulled towards the mountains... there is nothing quite so lovely as the sunset at sea. Kim