Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spring to Summer, Robins a plenty

My pace has hastened over these many weeks. As of late, there is so much preparation to do for upcoming trips away from home. These days will not end for sometime, so I am resigned to making only quick visits outside. Yet, I miss the long lingering moments.

Everytime I gaze out the windows, I see Robins. I have not been able to keep count of the number of them that have been visiting my yard. When I see one there is always two or three more close. Several are quite large, and I wonder if they are females carrying eggs. I do hope at least one will decide to nest in our trees.

I have allowed myself a few moments in the studio to dream among the pages of Spring's Season Journal, and capture my red-breasted friends..
I dreamt of you, dear Robin,
sweet visions in the night
filled with songs and sunshine,
Building a nest from words
scattered to the wind.

And I ask of you, dear Robin,
do not let these moments end,
nor spread your wings to fly away,
please linger amidst this longing
if only for one more day.


susanna said...

What a beautiful message for the robins (ahhh, robins mean Spring - finally!) and what a gorgeous collage.

Anonymous said...

I love the robin's too. They are fat in my neighborhood. Maybe I fed them too much over the Winter?! :) Hope you are well!
Teresa McFayden