Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fast Forward

All month, my thoughts have been drifting... or should I say fast forwarding toward fabled moments to come. Knowing that exactly one year from now, I will be traveling to Italy!

I can SEE so vividly in my mind's eye... this group of artists, and friends wandering cobblestone streets of Orvieto under a sky of deep turquoise blue. We are eager to drink in the beauty, and serenity of our surroundings.

JUST THINK... we will unpack our bags for a WHOLE WEEK! in this GRAND place, giving us time to truly experience the charm. We will learn how the Italians embrace life, and our days will be pepper with local experiences and interactions. Bill and Kristin, our co-hosts from Adventures in Italy, have planned such a wonderful itinerary of events for our visit.

By slowing to the Italian pace, feeling the rhythms of the day, we will begin to appreciate the seductiveness of the Dolce Vita-the Sweet Life. Our art will help us see Italy even more acutely, providing a powerful way to filter what we are experiencing.

Marylin and I will be showering our students with wonderful tips and techniques for developing rich dimensional mixed media pages from the materials we have surrounding us both natural and man made, combining those finding with painted subjects of flora, fauna, wildlife, city life, and vista views that we sketched on to fabric canvas from photos that each of us will be taking and using to inspire our artwork.

In addition, Marylin and I have also been busy creating a few Unique Goodies... just for our Italy students that are sure to be treasured mementoes of our time together.

Our journey is scheduled for mid May of 2009. But don't wait; we will only be taking a very small group, so as to have an intimate atmosphere that is both personal, and rewarding.

So Come...COME with us... and SEE, TASTE, TOUCH, FEEL, and HEAR Italy, just as a native might!


susanna said... are going to have the BEST time there...

Kim Kwan said...

Oh! I am so excited for you girls!! What a wonderful trip it looks like you've planned!!! Please let me know how it goes...Janice (Papier Valise) and I have been toying with the notion of doing one of these and I'd love to have a friend's feedback!! xoxo