Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring to Summer, an ode

This page is an ode to the trees in my yard that have graced my life with their late blooms. The beautiful flowers have now begun to turn toward a caving in and the on rushing of summer.

It is quite warm here today. This is one of only two days so far where the temperatures have reached into the 80's. The winds are strong, which is typical for Kansas, and I am headed out to the garden to visit the world.

"While whispers ran among the boughs
Of promises and praise;
And playful, loving messages
Sped through the leaf-lit ways."


Kim Kwan said...

your words always create such wonderful pictures in my head!

Willow Brook Home said...

I love the bee! That is so neat!


susanna said...

This is a lovely piece, especially the little bee and the scattering of tiny pollen...

I've made friends with a bee in my balcony garden this year. He always seems to linger in the same spot so I'm thinking I'll plant some bee-happy sunflowers, mint and lavender this year to help him out.

Lana said...

Your artwork is always lovely ~ and that industrious little bee is no exception!

Anonymous said...

Good article. Thank you.