Friday, May 02, 2008

Spring to Summer, celebrating May Day

I will be away visiting Virginia over the next several days. When I return, I have some Very VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you!!!

In the meantime, I will leave you with my May Day journal page.
Tradition says that May Day marks the end of the harsh winter months and welcomes the beginning of Summer. Indeed, it would not be a proper celebration of this glorious new month, and a soon forthcoming Summer Season without a cup of tea and a very fine visitor.

"Advancing Spring profusely spreads abroad
Flowers of all hues, with sweetest fragrance stored;
Where'er she treads Love gladdens over plain,
Delight on tiptoe bears her lucid train;
Sweet Hope with conscious brow before her flies,
Anticipating wealth from Summer skies;"

- author unknown


audrey h. said...

Tracie.....your journal pages are beautiful. Love the cup and bird :)

Julie Madsen said...

tracie...your bird pendants are stunning! what gorgeous little pieces of art to wear--songbirds, how perfect. have lots of fun sharing your immense talent. xoxo julie

susanna said...

Gorgeous artwork! So perfect for May.