Thursday, July 10, 2008

Feeling a Little Displaced?

What do you do when your office partner has decided to clean up and redecorator your space?

My poor cat, Maize, is feeling a bit displaced since the remodel has begun. On a typical day, Maize likes lying in his favorite spot, which happens to be the ottoman in my studio. But as you can see from the picture, his space is currently being occupied by stuff.

Stuff that will be sold on Ebay once the spruce-up is complete.

It has been over two weeks that the ottoman has had stuff piled in a heaping mound all over it.

I admit he has been very patient with me. Several times a day he saunters by wistfully looking at his spot and all the stuff on top, then heads off to the upstairs dining room chairs.

But lately he has begun to loudly snort in disgust with each trip made to assess the situation.

Yesterday, Maize had finally had ENOUGH!

I am sure his exact thought was... "desperate times call for desperate measures".

There was a laundry basket on the floor near my desk overflowing with sheer fabrics and tulle that I have been waiting to put away until my new storage bins arrived from

So, poor Maize decided that he was going to take up residence in the laundry basket of fabric.

I wish I had thought to snap a picture of him lying amidst all the tulle. It was really quite funny, and it could not have been very comfortable because some of those fabrics are really prickly.

I did not notice him at first, but after walking past the laundry basket 100 times I saw the lumpy mass move. At that moment, I knew my fabrics had been invaded.

Feeling very badly, but also not wanting cat hair all over my materials, I decide to create him a sort of make shift place to lay his weary head for cat naps.

I think he is rather smitten with his new lounging area because he spent the rest of the day nestled in the large whitewash basket, and it was the first place he wanted to be this morning. It probably helps that I lined the inside with his favorite soft blanket.


Barb said...

Oh, what a cute story !

Carla Sonheim said...

And what a cute cat!

Leslie said...

We are going through something similar here, and I have two more projects in mind. The fur kids are not liking it one bit!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

sweet,sweet nita

Kim said...

Oh you were so slow in getting his message! Surely your seeing him walk by and snort was enough to clue you Well, my dh tells me cats were left here on Earth to watch us until we acheive sustainable space travel.... they communicate with the "others" on our computers (what, you never noticed?) and being naturally so much brighter than us, they usually forgive our foibles! My cats certainly seem to think that way, anywho. And what will happen when spacetravel is sufficiently advanced? What do you think? It's up for grabs!

Lee W. said...

I can relate! We have gutted the upstairs bathroom, and there is stuff piled everywhere. The cats don't know where to lay... every day it's somewhere new.