Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer to Autumn, a new chapter continues

It was a busy weekend entertaining my parents from Kentucky. The weather was perfect for their visit. Gentle rains on Saturday were the prelude to mild temperatures and an absolutely gorgeous day on Sunday with pleasant breezes. Definitely a rare jewel bestowed upon Kansas during what would normally be a scorching July.

Even with guests, I did manage to finish a few more pieces to tuck into my Summer to Autumn Journal that I wanted to share with you. I am hoping to find time to complete entire pages very soon. But for now, here is another peek at the lovely offerings of the season.

The large toad, seen above, has been lingering in the dirt of an antique pail filled with flowers and plants that sits on the front porch. It is an ideal location for him as this particular spot is lighted at night, attracting a plethora of winged insects for his dinnertime meal.

He has hopped out of his cozy burrow to greet me on more than one occasion. And, his always dramatic entrance leaves me a bit startled. However once I have recovered from the abrupt appearance, I truly enjoy following him about, as he makes his way around the garden.

The peaches have been another absolutely divine gift this summer. I have been keeping a large bowl in the kitchen very well stocked with this delectable fruit.

I love the fiery orange and yellow hues of their skin. I feel like a child when I eat them because I can never quite manage to keep from having the sweet juices running down my chin, pooling drops onto the plate in front of me.
Can't you just see a little chickadee sitting on the rim of my peach bowl. His feathers making such a wonderful contrast in color against the warm yellow bowl filled with such summer delights.

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