Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Summer in Repose

It is a sweltering heat, which is the only way to describe these remains of the season. Not even the shade can offer relief from the now forceful sun bearing down with all of its might.

All living things are at rest during the daytime hours, trying to conserve their waning strength.

Perhaps you remember this little creature from previous posts. My life has have been graced with a visit from this rather large toad. He has actually taken up residence on our front porch.

I am quite fond of him, as he has been lingering around for sometime now.

During this intense heat, I have felt a pressing need to go check on my guest frequently. I suppose I should not be so concerned since toads are use to caring for themselves. Never the less, Mr. Toad and I have become very well acquainted.

Most of the time he is nestled in the cool wet earth that is part of a planter bucket, now filled with weeds since I cannot seem to keep the flowers watered enough. Or he is harboring himself within one of two small ceramic toad houses left on the porch, taken in from the garden right before the downpour from a Springtime storm that had the promise of hail.

At twilight, there is a re-emergence to the outdoors from those taking shelter, to savor the brilliant, awe-inspiring sunsets, and the last bits of daylight.

I love watching the evening garden all aglow with twinkling lights among the plants courtesy of the fireflies. How can I be anything but glad for such a portrait of a world in repose painted upon the canvas of my days.


Lee W. said...

I love our resident toads- they live under the porch and in the garden beds. Can u believe the summer is almost gone? Wow- it flew by. What are you working on? WHen is Italy? Come visit my blog- having a giveaway.

Barb said...

What an awesome photo of the sky!
I know Mr. Todd appreciates you checking in on him.