Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Story: The Giver

It is cool this evening, causing me to again linger outdoors.

I sit in silence drinking in the world that seems as long as it is wide... and I wonder where I fit sometimes?

I love gazing up toward the heavens, quietly listening for the universe to speak in its usual soft tones, whispers, as I contemplate life, and watch the celestial marvels.

Forever, I have been dreaming, pondering, perhaps even scheming over this idea... this notion of falling I sit, hoping for words of wisdom to envelop me.

Then as if my thoughts could be heard aloud in the midst of my silent wondering, behold a shower of stars begins to rain down. My first thought is to quickly return indoors and find a pail, for I know of a perfect one that is tucked away in a dark corner.

It is this very pail, that I have saved from its apparent fate of loneliness and forgotten purpose, that can help me now to collect these gifts from the hovering sea filled with the deepest blues anyone could imagine.

But what to do... what to do with these wonders, they are surely not meant to be hidden away like buried treasure waiting to be plundered by pirate types and thieves... no.. No, they must be shared... and so I shall share them, indeed!

Share them with friends and strangers, alike. Perhaps they would brighten a day, or a life in need of a touch of stardust magic.

Maybe this is the wisdom I have sought, that in this world I am the giver of falling stars.


Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry said...

wow. what an oh so beautiful story for us to savor & enjoy!
I think about these stars that you have collected, beautiful wonders, not to be hidden, but shared.
And you do. You share your God given, beautiful talents & gifts, with us & those you teach. thank you Tracie!

Heather said...

awww, this is the sweetest story Tracie. I can't wait to see you in October!!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

You have inspired me....yes......I am thinking of a few dear souls that could be brightened by a star.....I am inspired to make a few with some of my glitter and ribbon....and put a note on the back....some encouragement and send them off. Yes, you have inspired me. As always.

Love and sweetness to you ~ Rella xo

rivergardenstudio said...

What a magical story and photographs! So very beautiful...I am so glad I stopped by! Roxanne

shabby*girl said...

Hello, Tracie!
I have been following your beautiful blog and even have the url listed on my blog under, "My favorite Places To Visit"! I too am from KANSAS! It's always neat to see other Kansans sharing art! Your work is fabulous! Missy