Monday, September 29, 2008

Simply MAGIC!

Over the last nine months, Bill and Kristin Steiner, a.k.a. Adventures in Italy couple extraordinaire, have delighted Marylin and myself with conversations describing their love of Italy.

They are leaving again this month on what will be their 10th trip, and I wanted to share with you some of Bill's thoughts as he embarks on his journey...

"As we prepare to head off to Orvieto today, I was writing this morning about it. You would think, after 10 trips, I would be somewhat blase. Yet I am not. I am as excited as ever. The reason, I think, is that there something magic about the city. Every time I am there all the shoulds of the world, all the ought-tos, all the little admonitions running around your mind melt away. I become the whole person I was when I was born into this world. People who travel with us feel the same way.

Certainly when we travel we pay much more attention to the present moment. We are gathering in the experiences like an absorbent sponge. After 10 trips, I know the city probably better than my own. (This is true in part because we walk everywhere and we therefore really see - something you can’t do in a car going at speed.) The novelty is gone, yet it still has the same impact.

What can I say? It is simply magic."

From Bill's words, I can see Orvieto so clearly in my mind's eye that I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

We are SO VERY EXCITED to visit this BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL City, and we want to extend a personal invitation for you to Come... COME with us and EXPERIENCE the Wonders of Orvieto!

We will celebrate the joys of friendship, revel in our creativity, and drink in the richness of Italy, first hand.

Yes, travel can bit a little bit scary, sure it costs money, but the rewards are DEFINITELY worth my trouble and sacrifice of saving for such a chance to live the dream. And the best part is nobody has to go it alone... Bill, Kristin, Marylin and I encourage and invite every person to travel all the way there and back with us, if they so choose. We truly want to make sure each and every person gets as much personal assistance and attention through every step of this adventure.

Our dream is scheduled for mid May of 2009 with reservations required no later than late February 2009. We are taking only a very, very small group, so as to create an intimate atmosphere that is both personal, and rewarding.

Find out all the details, here.


Heather said...

Oh I am swooning at the thought. If there was ANY way I could, I would do it but alas the time is not right. I know you will have a wonderful time. I LOVED Italy when we visited it and I am anxious for the day I can return.

Lee W. said...

I've been to Orvieto, but don'tremember much. Where the heck is my photo album?? Oh, do have had a digital cameral in those days! I think it had an amazing church...