Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where Do You Find Contentment?

Contentment can be hard to find, especially when living in a world that moves so quickly, and is rapidly changing.

But every once in a while there are stolen moments filled with gentle reminders and the most sublime, yet simply wonders, offering the soul a shelter from the storm of day to day, and the heart a treasured memory.

where do you find contentment?

" life contrived of naught but dreams
fragments caught by fated winds
these are the testimony of such schemes"

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Lana said...

Contentment, hmmm, when I know my family is safe, and I am sitting here at home and hear the night sounds, the crickets and frogs; or I am swinging on the back porch in the early morning watching the fog lift and listening to the squirrels chattering... I am content. I'm not hard to please, just want a safe, happy family and nature around me.