Monday, October 20, 2008

Farewell for now...

The time has come and I must be off. But before I go, I thought I would share some images of Autumn's Splendor from the Plains of Kansas and a bit of poetic prose.

The weather has been SIMPLY PERFECT, which is a very rare occasion. I could not help myself, but spend just little time amidst Nature's beauty, soaking up the sunshine, gazing at the blue skies, listening to the sound of rustling leaves that have begun to fall.

I return in early November with stories to regale about my GRAND Adventure!

"looking across the vast landscape,
watching as each crease is neatly folded flat
I see the wide open spaces, and the expanse of my days
then given a choice with finger outstretched, I point

point to the very center, if ever there was one
proclaiming boldly, "I don't want to live here."
with a voice of innocence...
not really knowing, yet sure all the same

but live here I did for the love of another,
in the middle of the world
with its dapple sun rays, bursting through veins of illuminated leaves
that constantly sway in the swift winds of time."


Angie in AZ said...

Beautiful! And I love those pumpkins! I've done a few watercolor ATC's lately of these amazing pumpkin varieties. If you go to my blog, you can scroll back and find them or check them out on my flickr site:

purple bird art said...

thanks Traci - your photos of Kansas bring back fond memories of childhood in Missouri and trips down the Kansas turnpike - good luck in your classes and travel!!

Leslie said...

Lovely images and prose, Tracie! I'm so happy that it's finally fall! Safe journeys, sweet friend.


Anonymous said...

As I grew up in Missouri, I could see Kansas in the distance (just past the Missouri River) from our back porch. I often thought that I would never want to live in Kansas, but here I am.

How two people that met at Mizzou ended up in the land of the Jayhawks, Wildcats, and Shockers is beyond me, but this is our home and I'm glad I made this home with you.

I miss you. Hurry up and return home from your adventure.

- Your Hubby

Holly Loves Art said...

Safe travels! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos.


Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry said...

So very beautiful!!
BTW I just tagged you! go to my blog & read about it; It'll be so nice learning 7 things about you!!♥

Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry said...

ps the eversodear blog :)

Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry said...

just wanted to say I really love your blog!.. it's simply beautiful & it always moves me!