Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Onward March of Time...

The rains have returned and brought with them glimpses of the Winter to come. There is a biting chill to the wind that is always present here in the Plains. And I find my heart aching, knowing that my beloved Autumn is steadily marching onward, soon to be followed by snow and ice.
Before a change in the weather, I happened to snap just a few pictures of the evening sunlight cascading through the front windows. The late afternoon glow in my dining and living room is always soft in warm dapple hues this time of year. It begins by decorating the floors, slowly drifting toward the the walls until daylight gives way to the giant moon.

Autumn and Winter, the rain and colder temperatures always cause me to want to burrow deep into the covers at night, and wrap the warmth of home and comfort around myself. I suppose most scientists would call this the hibernation syndrome. I like to call it, celebrating home, for that is what it really is, a kindly embrace of hearth and home.

As I pack class samples for the upcoming workshops I will teach, I feel quite nostalgic especially over my little collages that embody all the feelings of home I have been reminiscing about.

Hopefully, these pieces will inspire the students participating in my "Celebrate Home" class at International Quilt to also create works that cling to this same loving spirit.

As minutes, hours, and days are being swallowed up and the on rushing of time seems to hasten, I feel as if I am moving at a turtle's pace. I continue to think of more and more things that must be done before I leave for two full weeks.

Yet even in the midst of these preparations I know when the journey ends and my adventure is over, I will return to a place I adore and affectionately call Home.


Holly Loves Art said...

Such a lovely post, Tracie. I long to "burrow" but we are still experiencing very high temps in the 80's and 90's. I won't get the much-cooler weather until next year most likely.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mary lin Huskamp said...

Home - a wonderful place to be! Love the picture.