Friday, January 23, 2009

Keep On, Keepin' On

My creative pace is finally starting to quicken, as I have
been feeling much more in the groove of painting this
week. Now if only those feelings of euphoria would
linger a bit longer after each artwork is complete.

But also helping to motivate me these last several days
has been my discovery of a new bit of music by the
group Switchfoot, and their CD, The Best Yet.

It is very rare that I don't have music playing while I am in
the studio, but Switchfoot's songs are quite moving, and
particularly poignant.

It has been a good week. I thought I would share a few
glimpses of my work table, along with my latest works.


Jeanna said...

WOW! Beautiful work!
If you like Switchfoot, you should check out the lead singers (Jon Foreman) solo EPs. Some of the most inspirational, beautiful music you will ever hear! He named them after the seasons, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. He also compilied some of the songs into a CD called Limbs and Branches.

Jeanna said...

Hey Tracie, thanks for your comment on my site, it was good to hear from you!

I know exactly what you mean, Switchfoot has such DEPTH in their songs. Absolutely stunning music. All of their CDs are gorgeous. I'd like to especially recommend their song "The Blues"!

rebecca sower said...

such beauty in your painting, thanks for sharing. am also a switchfoot fan, jon foreman is playing constantly in my studio these days. Sure wish I could go to Italy with you!

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Janee said...

Tracie, what a *beautiful* painting! Thank you for sharing your work and your words of inspiration! Janee