Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Beautiful Dream

With a fast approaching, signup deadline
for our Springtime Sojourn to Italy,
Marylin and I would like to extend an
invitation for you to join us!

We are only a few students shy of making
this lovely dream a reality, and hope you
will consider coming along as we experience
the beauty, the inspiration of Orvieto.

Bill and Kristen Steiner will be our wonderful
travel hosts for this occasion. With their superb
travel expertise and guidance, they will be leading
us in grand style through the streets of this
ancient city, as we revel in the Italian culture
and countryside, soaking in every nuance and
detail of this magnificent scenery.

I am quite a fan of the Adventures In Italy blog and
thought I would share with you a recent post made.
I feel Bill's words truly capture the essence of this trip,
we hope to make.

"American actor and songwriter Eddie Cantor said,
“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery
you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense
of where you are going and why.”
This from a
man who died in 1964 before the crazy pace of today.

His words are so apt today, and can give us real
comfort during this recession. I continue to believe
there is much good that will come out of the economic
downturn. All are buying less, and are beginning to
find comfort and joy in being human - that is, in
sharing time with other people. We had forgotten
that this is where true happiness lies.

The remarkable thing about spending a week
in Orvieto is that we do slow down. We see how
much interaction there is amongst the Italians
all around us. We see detail and nuance we miss
when we go so fast. We have time to reflect on
where we are going and why. This experience is
particularly useful for us in this recession. Hard
times help us evaluate. Orvieto helps us examine
where we are going and why, and get our priorities
straight. Make haste slowly!"

What a PERFECT gift to give yourself ... the
Gift of Time, Travel, and Rich Experiences, along
with Unforgettable Memories

This INCREDIBLE experience is scheduled
for mid May of 2009 with reservations required
no later than late February 7, 2009. Find out all
the details, here.