Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Around the Corner

I can hardly believe how quickly the moments are
passing, as February comes to an end. Soon the
Winter winds, snow, and ice will only be memories,
and we will once again find ourselves enveloped in
the Summer season enjoying the warmth, fun, and frolick.

Thinking about Summer definitely has me dreaming
of the journey I will be making to New Hampshire in
the early part of June. I am so excited and quite giddy
to be teaching at the first ever Squam Art Workshops -
Fiber Retreat.

I am offering a BRAND NEW! workshop designed
especially for Squam, that I am completely over the
moon about!

The Painted Fiber Prayer Flag Banner is a one
day class that is available during all three sessions
of the retreat.

I will be sharing some very unique techniques for
painting on fabric with acrylics, which is quite
similar to painting with watercolors on paper. I
especially love working in the acrylic medium
because it is easy to correct mistakes. Also
because fabric is such a versatile canvas,
painted subjects can be easily removed from
their original background and attached to
other surfaces.

Sometimes, students are concerned that
they will not be able to render nature
subjects with the same amount of detail
as my samples, so I thought I share some
examples from a past nature painting workshop.
These pieces are truly BREATHTAKING!!!!
and over 80% of the class had never tried
painting any sort of nature subject
before this.

In addition to painting, we will be exploring dyeing
and distressing fabrics to create backgrounds
that resemble patina metals like rust and weathered
vertigris copper, as well as weaving both paper and
fiber together into a cohesive artwork and discussing
design principles to use for collage art compositions

Come join me for one, two, or even all three days of
creating your own inspiring prayer banner art! IT IS

There is an INCREDIBLE interview of the Squam
coordinator/director, Elizabeth MacCrellish on
the Decor8blog. Check IT OUT HERE!


Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Count me in! As I told you via e-mail, I am not an "artist" but I have such a desire to learn. I will get an "A" for appreciation instead!

I am keeping my mind and heart open for the experience and I'm counting the days until we meet at Squam! ~Kathy

Paula said...

Your painting on fabric and the rust/patina backgrounds are so wonderful. Too bad I am not able to attend the workshops. Maybe you'll put these techniques in print some time, some where?????????

Or, how about an online workshop? Now that would have me waiting, first in line !!!!!!