Monday, March 02, 2009


It was a weekend of working on more deadlines
as they loom large upon the horizon.

However, I did find a few stolen moments to pen,
some words for the Winter Poetry Postcard Exchange
I am participating in.

I thought I would share some of my latest

Feb 21st:

lovely distractions of rhetoric,
weaving a web of truths and lies,
to tell a story...
delicate writings upon the page,
absolute necessities of one life's days.

Feb 24th:

But what was clung too
until breathless from a flood
of unspoken ideals
was the letting go...
of vanity and humility,
of need or want,
desire and necessity
as the heavens disappeared
and the stars burned away
crushing this will,
knowing that no pain was worth saving me
from this stolen moment of eternity.

Feb 25th:

Bird Song, harken the melody sweet,
wafting along the evening breeze,
carried away down dreamy street,
waking the cold heart
from spells of Winter's keep,
a world renewed once again,
living a full life wondering
what more could be given.

1 comment:

susanna said...

Beautiful writing, Tracie. There's a sadness to these words. And your photograph of the bird is so beautiful!