Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Background Magic

With Artfest less than a month away, I am deep into
preparations for two days of workshops and Friday
night's vendor show.

Vendor night is definitely one of my favorite events,
as it offers the chance for participants to collect
unique, one-of-a-kind treasures from their favorite
artists. I am honored to have a table this year, and
will be offering some new original collaged art,
nature assemblages, copies of both of my poetry books,
nature stencils and other delights.

Over the last week, I have been working to prepare
the backgrounds of several muslin canvases that
will eventually become the foundation for my original
artworks. Using distressing techniques that mimic
patina metals, weathered wood, and rust, these
methods always give the most amazing results.
They are, in fact, techniques that I am excited to
be sharing in my painting workshops this year.

Take a look at the backgrounds I have created so far.


Janee said...

Tracie, they are absolutely beautiful! I have always wanted to learn how to make backgrounds like that! Looking forward to your creations with them! Sincerely, Janee

Diane Duda said...

Wow! They are beautiful, Tracie.
HOpe you are well and not tooooo busy. :)

Seth said...

These are extraordinary! So organic and natural looking.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

the canvasses are really cool.

BTW- my Robin's have showed up, and the Bluebirds have laid claim to their box (again). I wonder if they birds really live that long to come back year after year, or if it's the kiddies from last year? I'd love to train them to eat from a feeder, but I think it takes some effort and time. And lately, I seem to have neither. We're getting ready to put the hosue on the market, and everything is jumbled and dirty.

susanna said...

Oh how cool are these canvas pieces?! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with them. Your students are going to love your classes at Artfest!