Friday, March 13, 2009

The Landscape of One Life

It's very easy in life to continue down the familiar
path, never straying to far from what is safe and

So in order to grow, we have to stretch and bend,
reaching out beyond the comfortable boundaries
created and maintained, in search of something
that will lead us in a new direction.

Often times situations arise urging us onward,
leading us toward those first steps of discovery.
For the past nine months, I have been part
of an exchange focused around the subject
of nature. Each month, participants make
an 8"x 8" piece of art based on a particular
nature theme.

For March... the theme is Landscapes.

I am a long time admirer of landscape paintings
and artists. Individuals, such a Wolf Kahn and
Lilias Trotter, constantly inspire me with their
scenic masterpieces. They flawlessly capture
the wide expanse of space and distance, using
color, shape and line to depict breathtaking
reflections of an unending horizon.

I, myself, have been a closet landscape artist
for a number of years. Mostly experimenting
with my longings to depict the land, and the
sky among the private pages of a journal.

Now however, this March theme has forced
me to step beyond such safe confines and
create a work to share with the world.

Using molding paste to build a rough and
uneven texture across a pristine canvas,
I simply let myself go, trusting my artistic
voice to find the landscape I have dreamt
of painting... I have dreamt of sharing...
the beautiful Plains of my life.

Although this piece still needs a few finishing
touches to be complete, I feel a great sense
of wonder and excitement, as I experiment
with new mediums and a new found freedom.

And maybe... just maybe it's time to walk down
a path I have yet to travel.

March 12:

"I wrote my days
upon the Plains, these
grains of parched earth
with words scattered about
to the wayward winds
that stripped away the husks,
polishing every letter,
softened by time
until ripe for harvest.

left to gather what remained
of those moments, and
finding silken threads
of memories,
I wove a tapestry
of fine gold,
taking root
becoming the landscape
of one life."


makehasteslowly said...

Tracie, Good for you for stretching and bending and risking. It is so hard to do, yet the only way we grow. Your piece is beautiful, reminding me of the plains. I don't know that country like you do, but have driven through it many times on the way to or from Colorado. I have always loved the landscape - wide open, tawny or green, sculptured, beautiful. People on our trips to Orvieto stretch and grow under the tutelage of great teachers like you. And they risk and grow by going to a foreign land, experiencing a culture different from their own, but which ultimately helps them see their own more clearly. It is wonderful! Bill Steiner

Carol Weiler said...

I think your landscape is gorgeousand I admire all of your work.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

totally want to play with the paste! I have to find it at the store.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I love the landscape. I have been SO wanting to play with the molding paste, but figure that I have plenty other supplies to use up first!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Carol... Thank you so very much for visiting my humble blog. Unfortunately, Blogger does not always provide the email addresses of those who comment, so I apologize that I have been unable to respond to your kind compliments.

Please do stop by again!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp