Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Heart and Soul of It

This week, I thought would share some images
from my studio. It is a busy time with lots of
neat little piles scattered about and creativity
pouring forth, as I am quite deep now, into
preparations for teaching and vending at Artfest.
I am so excited to be bringing a few nest shadow
boxes to sell. I love constructing assemblages,
and working with natural materials always inspires
my imagination. Each piece holds such a tender
place in my heart.

I have been gathering lots of goodies for my
workshop students. Giving out beautiful collaged
folders is a great way to start each class.

I finally have the opportunity to use the lush
rust and patina metal backgrounds I shared
back in this post, by making some incredible
nature collages. I can hardly wait to debut
these original artworks on vendor night.

The days are sunny and warm, here upon the Plains,
and the musical sounds of this, this, and this are lacing
through my head as I work.


rebecca said...

everything is so beautiful. I'm sure you'll sell every single piece!

sue pieper said...

Beautiful work, Tracie! And the muslin that you did with that wonderful earthy patina, wow, can't wait to see more of that, it's gorgeous!

purple bird art said...

Tracie Lynn you are amazing - looking forward to seeing you at Artfest!

Dawn said...

I'll miss seeing you at Artfest...we'll have to get together at Art Unraveled...everything you're showing here is so beautiful!

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

All of your work is so beautiful! I even love the way you frame it on your blog! Please comevisit me sometime at my wildflower studio blog! I'd love it:)

paperbird said...

Beautiful pieces. My daughter and I will be taking some of your classes in August at art unraveled.
I Can't wait to meet you and absorb some of your beautiful inspiration.