Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Signs Of Life

The year continues marching onward and
Nature's promise of Spring is renewed with
signs of life surrounding us.

Tucked in among the moments of this
past Saturday was the experience of
finding something a little unexpected...
Bird Song, harken the melody
wafting along the breeze
carried away down dreamy street
waking this cold heart from
the spells of winter's keeping,
a world reborn once again,
living a full life wondering,
what more could be given


paperbird said...

there is so much beauty in the home made by our feathered friends.

Janee said...

Tracie, that is so beautiful and sweet. Thank you!

Colette said...

Dear Tracie. I am finding solace this morning in ther nest of your blog. I feel cradled.

I feel close in nature.

Can I ask two things?

First I live far away and wonder if you might ever start a distance on;ine matuer painting workshop?

Secondly is there a way of joining the collaborative nature blog? Or is it closed?