Friday, May 01, 2009

Energize and Renew!

With the recent warm sunny days here on the Plains,
my thoughts drift toward the upcoming Summer
months and the journey I will be making to New
Hampshire in the early part of June. I am so excited
to be teaching at the first ever...
Squam Art Workshops - Fiber Retreat.

I am offering a BRAND NEW! workshop designed
especially for Squam, that I am completely over
the moon about!

The Painted Fiber Prayer Flag Banner is a one day
class that is available during all three sessions of the
retreat. In this class, we will create our own expressions
of peace and hope by drawing upon the extraordinary
natural setting that surrounds us on Squam Lake.

I will be sharing some very unique techniques for painting
on fabric with acrylics, which is quite similar to painting
with watercolors on paper. I especially love working in the
acrylic medium because it is easy to correct mistakes. Also
because fabric is such a versatile canvas, painted subjects
can be easily removed from their original background and
attached to other surfaces.

Sometimes, students are concerned that they will not be
able to render nature subjects with the same amount of
detail as my samples, so I thought I share some examples
from a past nature painting workshop. Take a peek here
and here. These pieces are truly BREATHTAKING!!!!
and over 80% of the class had never tried painting any
sort of nature subject before this.

In addition to painting, we will be exploring dyeing and
distressing fabrics to create backgrounds that resemble
patina metals like rust and weathered vertigris copper,
as well as weaving both paper and fiber together into a
cohesive artwork and discussing design principles to use
for collage art compositions.

And as an added bonus for participating in my
workshop, students will receive - a voucher
to purchase my new book: Nature Inspired at
1/2 price, a Squam Only Limited Edition Print,
shown in the picture above, and a Package of
my Rust and Verdigris Copper Patina Fabrics!

Sign-up today to join me for one, two, or even all
three days of creating your own inspiring prayer
banner art!



Anonymous said...

I sounds you are teaching alone on this one? Is mother-in-law coming along? You two make a great pair! I think it's so neat that you guys have such a close relationship.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

I apologize for responding to your questions/comment in this manner. Blogger does not always give me the name or email address of the person posting a message, especially when it is anonymous.

Yes, I will will teaching alone for this event. Unfortunately, Marylin does not have time off from her job as a Medicare Audit Manager to be able to join me. However, she will accompanying me at future events.

I do thank my lucky stars that I have a such an incredible mother-in-law and friend!

We both continue to be blessed by such a wonderful relationship along with being able to share the experiences and joys of teaching art together.

Thanks so much for your inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Tracie!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh, how beautiful these tulips are... perfect on this spring day. The prayer flag idea is fantastic, and your class sounds great! Roxanne

paperbird said...

The banner is gorgeous. What a fun class and such a lovely place to teach. I will be there in Sept.
I am really looking forward to taking your art class with both you and your mother-in law in August.

The Other Side of Me said...

This project looks absolutely fabulous. I just love your work. I received one of your poetry/art books for Christmas from my best friend and I just treasure it. You are truly talented lady.
Be back soon,

Lori S-C said...

what a great idea for a class! Beautiful parayer banners....